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15 Ib. MKE MOD 84 (M2A4)

Technical Specifications
Cone MaterialIndicated Below
Body MaterialComposite
Diameter~182 mm
Total Heightw/stand: ~408 mm, w/o Stand: ~310 mm
Complete Round Weightw/stand: Indicated Below
Main ChargeComp B
Main Charge Weight~5800 g
BoosterComp C4
Booster Weight~75 g
PerformanceIndicated Below
Packing2 pcs of demolition charge and stands / wooden box


  • Diameter
    ~182 mm
  • Packing
    2 pcs of demolition charge and stands / wooden box
  • Complete Round Weight
    w/stand: Indicated Below
  • Body Material
  • Total Height
    w/stand: ~408 mm, w/o Stand: ~310 mm
  • Cone Material
    Indicated Below
  • Main Charge
    Comp B
  • Main Charge Weight
    ~5800 g
  • Booster
    Comp C4
  • Booster Weight
    ~75 g
  • Performance
    Indicated Below