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MKE MOD 49 Hand Grenade Fuze

Technical Specifications
FuzePyrotechnic delayed detonation
FunctionDie Casting
Body MaterialZinc Alloy
Weight~85 g
Length94.6 mm
Delay Time3,90-5,20 s
PrimerM42 Percussion primer
ThreadW18x1”/12 or 0,5625”-12UNC-1A
AmmunitionMKE MOD 48
UsedOffensive Hand Grenade


  • Weight
    ~85 g
  • Length
    94.6 mm
  • Primer
    M42 Percussion primer
  • Fuze
    Pyrotechnic delayed detonation
  • Delay Time
    3,90-5,20 s
  • Body Material
    Zinc Alloy
  • Function
    Die Casting
  • Thread
    W18x1”/12 or 0,5625”-12UNC-1A
  • Ammunition
    MKE MOD 48
  • Used
    Offensive Hand Grenade