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MKE MOD 53 Rocket Fuze

Technical Specifications
Fuze FunctionPD/Delay (0,05 s)
Sad Non-setting/setting rpms10.000 / 15.000 RPM
Top Body Setting rpms10.000 RPM
Safety Distance From Muzzle10 m (min)
Weight~637 g
Ammunition Used107 mm Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher Ammunition (Artillery Rocket)
Total Length123,7 mm
Thread1 7/16''-12UN-2A
Applied StandardsMIL-STD-1316; MIL-STD-331; AOP-4157


  • Weight
    ~637 g
  • Total Length
    123,7 mm
  • Safety Distance From Muzzle
    10 m (min)
  • Thread
    1 7/16''-12UN-2A
  • Fuze Function
    PD/Delay (0,05 s)
  • SAD non-setting/setting rpms
    10.000 / 15.000 RPM
  • Ammunition Used
    107 mm Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher Ammunition (Artillery Rocket)
  • Applied Standards
    MIL-STD-1316; MIL-STD-331; AOP-4157
  • Top Body Setting rpms
    10.000 RPM