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120 mm 55 cal. Altay Weapon System

Technical Specifications
Diameter120 mm 55 Caliber
Barrel TypeSmooth Bore Chrome Plated
Total Weight3103 kg
Total Length7118 mm
Barrel Weight1324 kg
Barrel Size (Length)6600 mm
Fire Rate6 rounds /min
Effective Range3000 m
Operating Temp-32°C to +52°C


  • Fire Rate
    6 rounds /min
  • Effective Range
    3000 m
  • Diameter
    120 mm 55 Caliber
  • Total Length
    7118 mm
  • Total Weight
    3103 kg
  • Barrel Weight
    1324 kg
  • Operating Temperature
    -32°C to +52°C
  • Barrel Type
    Smooth Bore Chrome Plated
  • Barrel Size (Length)
    6600 mm