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40 mm x 53 MKE MOD 100 PPHE

Technical Specifications
Complete Round Weight~388 g
Complete Round Lengthmax 112 mm
Muzzle Velocity~245 m/s
Maximum Range~2000 m
Accuracymax 1x1 mils
FillerComp A5
Body TypePre-shaped and pre-fragmented
Fragment Amountmin 500
LinkageM16A2, MKE MOD94 or equivalent
Purpose of UseAir-burst, Anti-personnel
Impact Radius5 m
FuzeASELSAN Programmable Electronic Fuze
Safety Distance From Muzzle18 m
Weapon to be UsedMK-19 or equivalent AGL with Air Bursting Weapon Upgrade Kit
Packing48 cartridges / hermetic box


  • Muzzle Velocity
    ~245 m/s
  • Accuracy
    max 1x1 mils
  • Maximum Range
    ~2000 m
  • Weapon to be used
    MK-19 or equivalent AGL with Air Bursting Weapon Upgrade Kit
  • Packing
    48 cartridges / hermetic box
  • Fuze
    ASELSAN Programmable Electronic Fuze
  • Filler
    Comp A5
  • Complete Round Weight
    ~388 g
  • Complete Round Length
    max 112 mm
  • Propellant
  • Safety Distance From Muzzle
    18 m
  • Impact Radius
    5 m
  • Body Type
    Pre-shaped and pre-fragmented
  • Fragment Amount
    min 500
  • Linkage
    M16A2, MKE MOD94 or equivalent
  • Purpose of Use
    Air-burst, Anti-personnel