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Anti-Personnel Weapon System

66 mm 

Technical Specifications
OperationSingle shot disposable launcher
Diameter66 mm
Overall Length of SystemClosed: 25.6", Extended: 34.6" 
Weight of Complete System5.3 lbs
Operation and Storage Temperature-40°C to +60°C
Propellant TypeM7
Warhead TypeAnti-Personnel (with Steel Ball)
Effective Range250 yd
Warhead Effective RadiusMin. 10 yd


  • Caliber
    66 mm
  • Operating Principle
    Single Shot Disposable Launcher
  • Weight
    5.3 lbs
  • Length
    25.6" / 34.6"
  • Effective Range
    250 yd
  • Warhead Type
    Anti-Personnel (with Steel Ball)