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HME-1 (Hand Made Explosive For Training Type-1)

Technical Specifications
Weight~23 g
CaseChromo Paper
Electrical Resistance1.2-1.6 Ω
Firing CurrentMin 1.0 A
No-Fire Sensitivity180 mA DC
Cable Length2000±100 mm
Effective Distance20±5 m
It is used in mine and hand made explosive trainings. It is ignited electrically and it gives sound, light and smoke.


  • Weight
    ~23 g
  • Case Material
    Chromo Paper
  • Electrical Resistance
    1.2-1.6 Ω
  • Firing Current
    Min 1.0 A
  • No-fire Sensitivity
    180 mA DC
  • Effective Distance
    20±5 m
  • Cable Length
    2000±100 mm